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Why Navid Moazzez disappeared? And Who Will Be The Next Industry Thought Leader?


Photo courtesy: baileyrichert.com, virtualsummitexpo.com, milana.com, virtualsummits.co.uk

For long period Navid Moazzez was one of the most known thought leaders in virtual summit industry. His status of the most known could be disputed but I’ve not encountered any other expert endorsed by a bestselling author in a major publication. There are lots of other articles out there dedicated to him by less known authors. As well as articles by him and students’ references with big numbers (like Chandler Bolt’s $370,000 I wrote about earlier).

But recently Navid disappeared from public space:

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What Makes A-lister To Promote You (With Nothing On Return)? Or Why You Should Have Your Own Dorie Clark At Your Summit


Photo courtesy: dorieclark.com

It is a common perception that A-lister will not promote your event. They are busy. Potential income from promotion is unnoticeable for them. They have plenty of inquiries and don’t understand why they should promote you and not promote everybody else. The list of reasons can go on and on. That is why Navid Moazzez taught his students to have B-listers and C-listers on the roster. Because they will be willing to promote the fact that they take part at the same event with A-listers.

Well, actually, A-listers may promote. You may make an impressive recording after which they change their mind and become willing to share it with your audience. If you have recorded sessions at your summit you have time between their agreeing to take part and actual summit. This gap gives you the opportunity to change their mind.

But what Dorie Clark does is beyond my understanding. Continue reading

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What To Expect And Not To Expect Of Virtual Summits, or Hidden Truth Under Mesmerizing Results

750-vsHave you already made virtual summits yourself? If no – you may find considerations in this inaugurational article not so evident. If yes – share your experience, what coincides with written in the article and what doesn’t.

When it comes to results of virtual summits for its hosts, these are:

  • the number of attendants (becoming new subscribers to your email list),
  • the number of sales and financial results (gross earnings and net profits),
  • authority (that you gain in the field after a successful summit),
  • relationships (with guest speakers),
  • knowledge (gained by speaking with experts in your field),
  • experience (at least in the field of creating and conducting virtual summits).

Let’s consider them in detail:
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